All job requests are dealt with equally and promptly. If you are looking for an event, wedding, corporate or family portrait photographer you should expect to hear back from me within 1 day of your request, if not immediately. We are available by email or telephone 24/7 365 days of the year. Email is best if you wish to receive a good, responsive written quote. Please provide as much detail about your needs in your email as possible (location of venue, size of event or number of subjects, times available, etc). While we strive to remain competitive and affordable for a broad range of clients, we offer a quality, reliable, professional service backed by more than 10 years of experience using professional grade equipment. We take my work seriously, enjoy what we do and continuously seek to improve through regular training and keeping abreast of all the latest trends in photography.

Event photography:


For events we will work according to a fixed price or hourly rate, whichever is most advantageous to clients. Please contact us to request a written quote. For your information, please review the following bullet points about our event photography service applicable to all clients:


  • Event photography for a typical 3-4 hour event costs between $400-$600.

  • A typical event yields between 250-450 photos

  • Rapid delivery (immediate delivery of select images and/or full delivery within 4hrs of event) is available for a surcharge of $100

  • All images are transferred with full, unlimited rights to client in perpetuity at no extra charge

  • If your event runs through meal time when images are not normally taken, a meal for the photographer is appreciated.

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